Some Shrinkage Will Occur

If you’re long-term unemployed like me, your days have to have a focus or you’ll go a little nuts. A few years ago, my focus was on shooting and uploading as much live-music footage as I possibly could (which is why I have over 900 clips on my YouTube channel). Then starting in late 2012 my focus began to shift to the promotion of my monthly (with some breaks) shows (first at the Rosebud, then at the Cantab, and now at Store 54), which is one reason I’ve only put up 20 clips so far this year.

Now there’s something new, which is why I was actually relieved when my current venue proposed I cut back to four shows a year in 2016 and beyond. I put a lot of time and thought into these shows, and don’t want their quality to suffer just because I have less time to work on them.

What’s this new thing that will require more and more time going forward? Essentially, it’s a project to massively downsize some 40+ years of random accumulation (books, music, magazines, comics, mementos) into the much smaller space I will have available when I move (projected date Sept of 2017).

At the same time, I have to learn everything I can about my intended destination (Durham, NC), make some connections, eventually go down to scout out various apartment buildings, etc., so combined with the amount of stuff I have to sell (if I can), give away, toss and eventually pack, it actually is going to keep me busy for the next 686 days (the time between now and Aug 31, 2017). There’s still a lot of stuff up in that attic.

So, that’s how my time goes these days. Every week there’s the Sunday visit to the attic, the Tuesday trip to Harvard Bookstore (with the most salable books), followed by the library donations and the attempt to fit the books I just can’t part with into the space available. In the meantime I’m cataloging my huge comics collection (and finding out just how little it’s worth now). I’m trying to figure out what price to ask for my vintage rock/punk zines. Soon it will be time to find out if anyone still buys CDs.

Eventually that attic full of books will empty out and there will still be way too much (of everything) to take with me. Then the *hard* questions get asked – which memories are most precious?

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