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This photo from July (which I first posted on Facebook after the Boston Globe used it a few weeks ago) represents me as I’ve always wanted to be at shows – front and center, in the thick of it. Alas, that may not be the case for awhile. I’ve been dealing with increasing leg pain for a few weeks now, and in my doctor’s opinion (subject to confirmation by orthopedic specialists) I’ve developed bursitis in my hip. It’s not fun.
I’ve been learning to cope, but until this is fixed I’m going to have to spend a lot less time on my feet. Naproxen (basically a prescription-strength version of Aleve) seems to be helping a bit, but there are still a lot of changes to adjust to. I can’t go on long walks anymore. I have to be very quick and know exactly what aisles to hit if I do a supermarket run. The worst of it is the effect on my life as a music fan. There’ll be venues I simply can’t go to – too long a walk from the T and/or not enough comfortable seating. So many of my friends are musicians and I won’t be able to support them as much as I’m used to doing. And when I do go I won’t be spending much time in my favorite place – front and center.
Rest assured, my next (and last for 2015) show (on FRI, NOV 6 at STORE 54 in Allston, featuring WHEN PARTICLES COLLIDE and ENDATION) is on and I will definitely be there, but if you see me somewhere besides my usual place, don’t think it’s because I’m not excited by the music I still have the honor of presenting to you. Hopefully this will be behind me when I get back to doing shows next March.

One thought on “Coping

  1. Bob, I have been battling tendinitis in both rotator cuffs and hip flexors. It is not fun. I feel your pain every day. I work as a mailman. Fortunately, I have moved to an easier office and cut my walking by about half. I also have to be more selective in what I do outside of work, especially when it comes to playing music. My days of staying out until 2 AM and catching breakfast are done. I take a lot of Vitamin C and Advil and they seem to help. My PT guy says the cure is stretching, exercise, and a proper diet. After quitting drinking, food is the only vice I have left, so it is easier said than done, I sit down at practice and as much as I can to preserve my energy. It’s one day at a time. I’m a lot better than I was a year ago, but there is room for improvement. I do have good days, so I know I’m getting there. It seems to be a common issue amongst our peers. That and hearing loss. Hang in there Bob. Even if it isn’t the front row, you can always pull up a chair with me at a show. MJQ

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